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Aug 29, 2018

In October 1916, Diana confides in her mother while Diana's beau Donovan carouses with his sarcastic secretary Helen and Lois works a shift in her mother's store on Delaney Avenue.

Cast (in Alphabetical Order):

Andrew Fleetwood as Freddie/Scold #2

Kristina Haddad as Diana Putnam

Karen Kalensky as Olivia Chilton


Aug 24, 2018

"I just have to ask one thing: how does that girl manage to be so naive... and survive?"

Meet Annex's Helen Kidwell, voiced by Nina Kelly.

Aug 23, 2018

In October 1916, a rainy afternoon witnesses strife between Diana and neighbor Tom while Nancy and Jake follow Donovan across Harborview on a "mystery errand."

Cast (in Alphabetical Order):

Kristina Haddad as Diana Putnam

Nina Kelly as Helen Kidwell

David Knell as Tom Dawson

Eric Newsome as Donovan Shackelford


Aug 20, 2018

"Why Father insists on my being familiar with daily streetcar travel to school is beyond me."

Get to know Annex's Nancy Dawson, voiced by Kelsey Norene.

Aug 17, 2018

"This isn't a market, this isn't a home. No, this is a prison with regular streetcar service."

Get acquainted with Annex's Lois Chilton, voiced by Stephanie Leet.