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Jul 24, 2019

Annex's Southeast Delaney Avenue (alternately Delaney Road/Street) is patterned after the direction, flow, and scope of Portland's Southeast Milwaukie Avenue.

Delaney Avenue runs alongside the mysterious swamp region (inspired by Oaks Bottom and Clark County's Burnt Bridge Creek), south to Woodbury and an amusement park beyond. As such, Delaney Avenue is home to a streetcar route transporting riders north to downtown Harborview or south to the next neighborhood of Woodbury.

The primary setting of Annex is the intersection of homes and lives at SE Delaney Avenue and its cross-street of Wayland Avenue.

SE Delaney Avenue and Wayland Avenue

A very, very rough conceptual sketch of Annex's SE Delaney Avenue and Wayland Avenue, with the streetcar tracks running north and south and the vast swamp region to the west, at the edge of the bluffs.