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Jul 23, 2019

You may be caught up on Annex... but haven't you ever wondered what happens between seasons?

Coming this fall, Annex: Between Seasons presents weekly vignettes of life occurring in Harborview between the end of the second season (1917) and the beginning of Annex's upcoming third season (1924).

The scolds Vi and Freddie update listeners on what's happening to Annex's Diana, Lois, Nancy, Helen, Garnet, Olivia, and others in the years between U.S. entrance into World War I and the midst of the Jazz Age. 

Settings for Annex: Between Seasons were inspired by Portland's SE Milwaukie Avenue, Sellwood, Union Station, Meier and Frank, the South Park Blocks, the Virginia Cafe, Oaks Bottom, Old Town, and many others. Freddie and Vi rove Annex's Harborview in search of dirt and they're always listening. 

A preview of "Devil Baby," in which Freddie finds himself in the grips of a neighborhood urban legend regarding Diana Shackelford's newborn daughter.